I define my destiny and my world

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This book is designed to rewire your mind, to brainwash you, to create in you a new spirit of inspiration, success, motivation, edifying and a new positive mental attitude to become whatsoever thing you want to be in life.  You are born to reign.

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Just like your father Jehovah, you can create and recreate with the heart.  Your heart is like steering to a driver; The role of steering to a driver is to use it to steer the car carefully to its destination.  When the road bends to the left or right, in each case you slowly steer the car so that it does not run out of the road or lane.  When you want to turn left or right, you turn the steering accordingly.  In aeroplanes, the controllers at the control tower determine the altitude and time for which the planes will fly and allocate them according to the size of the aeroplanes.  The pilot communicates with the controller and working with a compass, pilots his plane accordingly using the navigator. In the sea, the captain also uses a compass for his navigations.


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